Paraphracing Ethan Kleinberg

We have a point in an undifferentiated space that doesn’t take up space, like a spot of light or something. This point negate itself into a line, like when you see a spot of light on the floor and then start looking at the sun beam which makes it and the dust the light is falling on, it’s a series of points, like photons, the point lifts itself into the line. And then the line consequently passes into a plane, which on the one hand is a determinateness opposed to point and line, but on the other hand it is the sublated negation of space. Perhaps this is a better one: like a square cut with a knife in a black curtain in a window with dark night outside, first the point of where the knife goes in, then the vertical line it makes, and in the end the three remaining lines which make the piece fall out and complete the square. Now, if the night have the curtain’s color you can’t tell the difference, only the différance, maybe.

Paraphraced from this lecture:

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