Life and Meaning




»Life doesn’t have meaning, it is meaning.« Thomas Hylland Eriksen, anthropologist

»There’s no meaning of life, meaning we have to create in life.« Arne Næss, philosopher

If the meaning of life and life is one, than there would be impossible for anyone to say anything about the meaning, to present it as a whole. Like let’s say the encyclopedic books on nature, written by so called atheists after the standard from theology in the middle ages. If the encyclopedias fulfilled nature, as the authors would say, nature would not have been complete without it. But then again there’s this paradox with the presentation of the Book, the completeness of it with the world, like there’s no equality to literature, »Darwin can’t say anything about i.e. Shakespeare’s plays.« (Eriksen) How can it be taken for granted, unveiled by an implemented numeric nature which could co-exist as a matter of fact next to it’s hidden patterns. »If we could understand how our brains work, than we would’ve been so stupid that we couldn’t understand it«. (Gaarder)


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