Fables of the Reconstruction / Reconstruction of the Fables

Being John Malkovich (1999)                               The Great Beyond (1999)

starring John Malkovich                                by REM, from the film Man on the Moon

producer: Michael Stipe                                      entitled from the 1992 REM song

written by Charlie Kaufman                           »Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match

                                                                              (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)« (REM, 1992)


There’s more

Mastering and loosing control               Why can’t we pantomime

(Fort-Da (Freud))                                         just close our eyes

of an object (Malkovich)                             And sleep sweet dreams

and the pleasure (sleeping with             Me and you with wings on our feet


(the maxim)

I’ll be absent for a little while


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