Faith In Words

»Show me the place where the Word became a man«

Leonard Cohen

On Tablet Magazine’s facebook-page there’s been some discussion after the publishing of the article Teaching My Son About Judaism – and Atheism. I  note that the author is proud over her son’s development from what she calls »obsession with Jesus« to atheism. The article ends with her son stating that he doesn’t believe in anything because he has asked his jewish teacher how one could know for sure that the Red Sea parted. The teacher replied to him that one doesn’t need evidence, only faith. The little boy than said »I need evidence«.

Some of the comments on Facebook claims that one can not both be jewish and atheist, other says the same about judaism and belief in Jesus. I don’t have time to dive into every aspect of this, I just quote my comment here, adding that science also requires belief, not in a religious understanding of the Word – »the Word became a man« – but in the sense that one must have trust in the people who researches for evidence, and what is that if not a religious understanding of the word (without capital letter):

»Erich Auerbach proved that christianity and judaism was linked together in the mimetic writing style unique for the time, the stories in the Torah can be read both literal and as parables of the stories in the gospel. Before the law stands a gatekeeper (Kafka), but the gatekeeper didn’t make the law. The word became a man, but man did not become the word«

Source for Tablet article:

(Source for linked page: Hacohen, M.H. Typology and the Holocaust: Erich Auerbach and Judeo-Christian Europe. Religions 20123, 600-645.)

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