There’s No News Under the Sun

Newsroom meme


In episode 5 of The Newsroom’s second season, Charlie Skinner and Shep Pressman is having a conversation which includes some small talk about Charlie’s daughters, whom one is studying philosophy. Shep asks: »What do you do with your philosophy degree?« Charlie answers: »It takes all my energy not ask about that at thanksgiving.« By the end of the conversation Charlie thinks Shep gives him a source for the Genova story, however later on he finds out it has more to do with personal matters, like life, death and empathy. I wonder if Charlie should have asked Sophie about the philosophy, maybe he’d care more for ideas, not just facts. Maybe he’d care more for the otherness of his fellows, not thinking that there’s nothing new under the sun, except for tips about Genoa.

This leads me to my thoughts on some of the other people at ACN and how they handle Maggie’s trauma from Uganda. Jim: »How long did it take you to straighten out after Africa?« Gary: »I wasn’t holding the kid.« The otherness of Maggie is best understood by the one who’s not directly trying to help her, so the differential chain of knowledge through Maggie –> Jim –> Gary doesn’t result in anything than a short responding (»Right,«) from Jim, no closer to a understanding of Maggie’s pain, leaving her alone, smelling of alcohol and nervous energy from unprocessed trauma, throwing indirect, but intended sarcasms about sluts and casual sex at Jim.


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