Judging Lies With Lies – Biography, Works And Moral


In Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet writes author Kjartan Fløgstad this week about the double life of Paul de Man. Fløgstad claims that the deconstruction theory suited de Man with his life based on false CV’s and hidden Nazi pasts due to what Fløgstad says is th essence of deconstruction: the language is impossible in it’s nature to make truthful sentences, revealing nothing but irony and a cabinet of mirrors. If you are to make a definition of deconstruction, it’s clear that one has to be more sensitive than this. The trace of differences is not leading to a presence, but it would be a lie to claim that there’s a point in following the trace if nothing ever could be gained. One thing you can investigate with deconstruction is presuppositions of thing’s natural essence, when things in fact is cultural. An example of that is the biography fever of our time, claiming to reveal the truth about i.e. the theories of an philosopher by stating facts of his or her personal life. That is what Fløgstad is dangerously close to do in his text about de Man and intellectual’s moral responsibility (let me just underline that this is an important issue), which also includes paragraphs about Gertrude Stein among others.

Source: http://morgenbladet.no/boker/2014/paul_de_mans_dobbeltliv#.U4JDk62KDIU


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