The Partially Examined Life

partially ex


I was just listening to episode #51 of the podcast named in the headline realizing how funny talk about deconstruction tends to be, at least if you by the end of the day manage to get past the anger and frustration that all the puns and (high level) nanny nanny boo boo stuff can give you. In the podcast jokes where made after one of the guys had compared Derrida-texts to the Bible. Mark than said something like: »there’s so much genesis in them!« A lot of cheerful laughter followed. It reminds me of a lecture I once was at, sitting in a room where a latch keeps locking the door for the students going to the toilet etc. We were reading Derrida’s Before The Law-essay, and could make some funny jokes and puns about it during the breaks. That’s one of the things I really like about deconstruction, the humor which squeezes out of its machinery of mazes.


Link to the episode:


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