Forgive Me

God is a possibility. 50 %, yes or no, but one has to lean on one of those two parts.

Unanswered prayers are prayers where the answer is a product of différance.

I like Seinfeld, I like intelligent humour which is not arrogant, and American humour which is not plump.

Please forgive me, but I will not be able to write much the next week, I’m going to do other things and watch Seinfeld when I need a break.

Karl Ove Knausgård is in Time Magazine this week. My Struggle deconstructs itself to a very extend, mostly in number six. Among other things the writer is criticizing Edvard Munch for doing much of the same as he himself is doing, and death is both a metaphor and an event. I’ll write more on this later. Here are some interesting words about Time Magazine:


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