Would They Have Reached Betlehem Today?

In an article about the norwegian pro-Palestina-covering of Israels security fence and wall, Erlend Sundar writes about how the media strategically not mentions the stats of terrorists in Israel after the wall was build. He criticizes the norwegian broadcast company (NRK) and an article with the title Would They Have Reached Betlehem Today. It deals with the fact that Josef and Mary’s route between Nazareth and Betlehem in present Israel is difficault, if not inpossible to walk due to the barriers with restrictions, soldiers and the wall. Sundar calls the text propaganda, but the question about how civils are treated in todays Israel can not be undermined. The writer falls for his own trap while not mentioning civil palestinians while accusing NRK for hiding facts about terror in the same area. There are two sides of a wall, and we have to fight for not being just bricks in it.


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