Who Own’s Literature? Murakami’s 1Q84, Chapter Two

I was thinking about the second chapter of 1Q84, searching for some interesting stuff about the so called nature of literature, when I found this interesting videos under about Kafka and literature by Judith Butler. However my entering into this was the fact that in chapter two of Murakami’s 1Q84, the unpublished novelist Tengo Kawana gets an offer by a publisher to rewrite a manuscript that a young woman has written and make a book out of it, published under the young woman’s name. The reason for this is that the script has something interesting in it’s substance, but it needs a better language and form, bothe Tengo and his publisher agrees on that.

This makes us ask some important questions about literature per se. What is literature? Is it form or content? Is it an individual inspired act of writing that turns into literate books, or is the literature totally depending on the other, a result of one’s meeting and influence from the other?


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