Flat Circles Seen From a Round Eye, Problems of Objectivity in True Detective

Time is a flat circle, Rust Cole stated, pointing at science to understand reality, the mind and the human condition. Hart’s skepticism about the objective claims of Cole’s world view is less convincing in the series than the pseudo-nihilistic mood the show offers. Even though Cole at one point recognises and seem to dismiss some Nietzsche-rip off drivel from one of the murders, the simple anti-metaphysical logocentric interpretation of that philosopher’s texts also works within Coles and Hart’s dialogues, and the general dark gothic environment of True Detective.

The supposedly opposite view of Cole that Hart is ment to represent, thinks Hart’s world view is fundamentally unable to help people fully understand themselves. Taking the proper methods of an objective scientific or Dawkinsque understanding and thread it over the mind leaves out something essential. Due to its structural centering around the structure, pointing towards something non-metaphysical through a metaphysical element in itself, the cynical Cole’s statements fall short in the description of what it is to be a human being, i.e. religious, from a transcendental perspective, in the final scene of True Detective, when the cosmological light shines through to Cole’s souls genesis of darkness.


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