Confronting Holocaust. Open Letter to Hitler-remediator Knausgaard

Karl Ove Knausgaard has written and published several texts considering ideologies and historical established truths. His publishing company Pelikanen translated Peter Handke, an author who controversy due to his relation to Slobodan Milošević has been raised. And maybe more significant: Knausgaard has defended an invitation of Holocaust denier David Irving to a norwegian literature festival. Book number six of Knausgaards novel My Struggle, is to some degree about Hitler and the nazi ideology. Now that his books are translated into english he have the opportunity to stress theese themes and meet oppinionated people about the matters. In the US, where Israel is very much debated and some cities, i.e. New York, are just below Israel’s cities in number of jewish inhabitants, it would be a great opportunity to put some light on these controversial questions. I hope he will. Paul Berman, Norman Finkelstein or Brother Nathanael Kapner…, the list of relevant names is long.




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