Talking in Code

p>Do you think Erica Albright in The Social Network (2010) was talking in code when asking Mark which final club was easiest to get in to?

Obviously Mark did, and he spent the rest of the films timeline writing code to prove he was better than her code talking granted him. But can one connect to another by the same principle as one write information into a machine? Even if this leads you to 500 000 000 friends? Erica was by the end of the movie not one of them, that sais it all.

While writing about Derrida some people are following a similar method. They use a certain code, weather it is from social science, philosophy or other places, and describe derridaian acchievements and quotes as pseudo-philosophy, obvious truths or even falseness. They don’t accept that Derrida’s messianic prose don’t offer any strict matematical method, but instead use their own limiting rules to prove a obscure falsness they think they find. But Derrida is more of a poet than a social scientist, and Erica Albright is more of a flower than a gif-file. She needs water, not coded digital rain.


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