Secularization and Idealism

Kaja Schjerven Mollerin writes about the intended lack of a manifesto (that’s not the word she uses, but I don’t have her text in front of me) in the currant issue of The Window, one of the norwegian magazines which ignored a text I sent them last month. However it’s interesting to read the seemingly oulipo-inspired way she uses words by look them up in a dictionary and put a couple of meanings into the signifier, and how this leads to an idealism for a secularized world. I don’t mind giving elaborated details of any infinite circles of universalism and ideality in i.e. geometry, or to put up puns with windows, clarity and secularization to prove any point here, but allows George Lukács to have the last word in this post:

»Then, suddenly, the God-forsakenness of the world reveals itself as a lack of substance, as an irrational mixture of density and permeability. What previously seemed to be very solid crumbles like dry clay at the first contact with a man possessed by a demon, and the empty transparence behind which attractive landscapes were previously to be seen is suddenly transformed into a glass wall against which men beat in vain, like bees against a window, incapable of breaking through, incapable of understanding that the way is barred.«
(The Theory of the Novel)


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