Will Self on Guy Debord

I sholdn’t go on and say something as simple as »Here you go!« or »Check this out!« for the same reasons that Guy Debord had his reservations in his late 80’s comments to The Society of the Spectacle:

These comments are sure to be welcomed by fifty or sixty people; a large number given the times in which we live and the gravity of the matters under discussion. But then, of course, in some circles I am considered to be an authority. It must also be borne in mind that a good half of this interested elite will consist of people who devote themselves to maintaining the spectacular system of domination, and the other half of people who persist in doing quite the opposite. Having, then, to take account of readers who are both attentive and diversely influential, I obviously cannot speak with complete freedom. Above all, I must take care not to give too much information to just anybody.

Anyway if you are devoted to anything that goes beyond the constructed, and still capable of knowing that you can’t get there just like that, you should read Will Self’s article in The Guardian on Guy Debord or listen to the podcast where he discusses Debord’s thoughts with several people, including an audience. Take specially into account what’s been said in the very last part of the podcast, where questions of the domination of the spectacle as it is described by Debord, costitutes the whole of the world, or only the West and the developed economies, the center or both that and the margins and so on. A quote like: »There’s no doubt that Al-Qaida is spectacular, but they seem to view things a little different then we are, don’t they?» (sic) says it all (as if »it all« could be said).

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