On the Nature of Situation Construction

One of the things that the situation construction makes clear is the responsibility of the humanistic value in the age of the spectacle. This derives from and into kantian imperatives. One of them is this: However beautiful a person is, I have to accept that I can not have a relation to this person, and this would have been applying to an infinite number of fellows even if it meant that one could never have a relationship to anybody.

critiqueseparation 2


But the very paradox that this reveals, is that an inhuman condition like the one described, which seem to be our condition according to the appearance of the spectacle, shows that human relations is necessary. Those who understand that the following quote from a poem emphasizes the completed separation as described in The Society of the Spectacle, those are also capable of understanding my project:

If I write NUDE, what do you see? NAKED.
Do you fold it or censor yourself?
NAKED. Are you satisfied or do you want me to write more
words, so you know what to think? Naked woman, beautiful,
long, wavy hair, bruised, crying. Bare breasts,
hanging over you, milk burst. Do you think, do you feel? Oh, baby.
My child, confuses the words you? Nude legs,
thighs. Confuses the short skirts you?

From Linda Therese K. Utstøl and Unnveig Aas: «Mannen er vakker fra livet og opp» (the quote is translated by me, in english the title would been something like »The Man Is Beautiful from the Waist and Up«)


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