The Death and Resurrection of the Avant-garde

true detective hope

In 2001 Will Self declared the avant garde long gone and dead with the suicide of Guy Debord in 1994, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Considering the fact that he refer to how the mainstream media has described the avant-garde, Will himSelf (sorry, I couldn’t help for putting a big S into that word) obviously doesn’t want us to treat it the same way (Will Self wrote this article in New Statesman). The difference between this and the superficial journalism is that for the latter the avant-garde remains dead. The true avant-garde goes beyond a question of life and death, it doesn’t ask »To be or not to be,« but knows deep inside themselves that survival is always the attitude one goes towards death with, weather it’s the death of a particular avant-garde group or a personal friend. The spiritual environment we live in can not be separated from the spectacle, but both of them requires an attitude of action, of life, of beyond the simple question of life and death that the passive acceptance of mass media offers.

Rust Cole offers a extreme nihilism that calls for action in matters of humanity and empathy with the living being. Fortunately he comes up with brighter thoughts later on (look at picture above).

true detective suicide


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