Deconstruction Doesn’t Say That Religion and Atheism Is The Same

As Kenneth Goldsmith seemed to believe after listening to an interview with Derrida on religion (if you want to hear it, go on to youtube and type in “Derrida on religion”. Goldsmith’s claim is to be found on itunes in the avant-garde series from ubuweb.

Goldsmith jumps fast forward to his conclusion through a couple of clips from Derrida’s interview. It’s through an argument on semiotic unsureness and witgensteinian viewpoints that this so called resume of Derrida’s statements can be made. But this relativism has it’s roots in misunderstandings from the very beginning of Derrida’s publication of his texts in the 60’s. One is led to believe that deconstruction is all about nonsense: everything can mean everything. And even though Derrida himself sometimes lived up to such a surrealism through the playfullness of his texts, one can not squeeze out such a cliche of relativism from this clear and reasonable interview. What then is the point of the trace if there is nothing to search for?

Derrida’s claim as I see it was rather this: one can never be certain of weather one is calling upon the name of God while praying, or if you simply is mentionig it, and that’s how pure faith accualy is very close to pure atheism.

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