The Official Language of Climate Separation

Naomi Klein is out with a new book on climate and capitalism, claiming that endless growth can’t be combined with politics for a new direction in the climate crisis. Capital, not carbon is the problem, she writes. This happens the same time as the governments are publishing reports on how to continue the economic growth and saving the climate at the same time. This is nothing put the official language of separation, not separation between capital and carbon, but between the goals and the spoken goals from the people with power. They do not want to sacrifice the spectacular power of mediated capital as it is presented to us in all forms, direct advertisement, propaganda, news, their goal is to make us believe that this is what they want. The real power is always somewhere else, says the mediated common flow of powerful language, like advertisement they want us to buy things, buy this tv, this iphone, this false explanation of climate politics, and you will be saved. The next lie will exchange the one before in an endless stream. “But if the climate change will be shown to not threat the nature as we ought to believe, we will reconsider our politics in the future,” they even say, to make sure their hands are clean.


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