What Can be Deconstructed?

Everything! There’s no limits.

Rothko painting from http://www.wikiart.org/en/mark-rothko/no-5-no-22

Or: It makes sense for some central philosophical texts only, from the western tradition.
Derrida has said both in interviews. I go with the first quote.
I heard someone say: Derrida, you know, he can’t even tell a story, he can only look at a metaphor from every viewpoint, inside/out, etc, until there’s no meaning left, mixing every color into a black pattern.
Someone else said: in the greek tradition one likes to imagine concepts from words, for example traditional metaphors; “my love is a rose”, and then you picture yourself a pretty woman. The jewish tradition doesn’t think images, but rather function, so that’s why Salomon could talk about his loves neck as a watchtower. That’s not a funny joke about a strange looking girl, but a guarding women. Maybe this could be a link to understand the concepts about deconstruction.

Here’s a clip showing some of Derrida’s ideas:


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