Spiritual Anitmetaphysics With Derrida

Quote from Dissemination: “In the Notes and Documents that follow the chapter entitled Toward a
Dialectics of Totality, Richard fans out the array of feathers (including the
fan) in a series of pages of great beauty, moving from their angelic (seraphic)
value to their “Luciferian, or at least Promethean, signification” (p. 445).
Near the end of this extensive note (which is almost four pages long),
following a parenthetical remark concerning the “phallic allusion” that
Robert Greer Cohn “sees in the feather,” Richard expresses some mistrust
of a certain extension of polythematicism. Here is his justification: “For the
word pillme {feather} has also been understood to be the plume [pen} of the
writer, and it is particularly upon this analogy that R. G. Cohn has founded
his whole exegesis. This relation, which is certainly possible, appears to us,
however, to remain unproven: the analogy seems excessively conceptual,
both in its origin and especially in the details of its consequences. It seems
to me difficult, and contrary to the genius of Mallarme, to read A Throw of
Dice as a literal allegory (even if, as Cohn would have it, that allegory is
charged with spontaneous echoes and more or less conscious ambiguities).”

More on this later

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