Derrida’s Hedgehog

In the previous post I wrote about light. The metaphor is for Derrida the way language use to link reality to words. The light is maybe the most important metaphor in that matter, as described by Plato. In a text about poetry Derrida writes not directly about his subject, but describes a hedgehog. This small creature becomes the metaphor that links Derridas language and his subject, the poetry. And like a metaphor a hedgehog curls up in itself with the spikes out if you rush into it. And it dies if you drive over it.

Reconsdering what Derrida wrote about light in Violence and Metaphysics one can steal a rearrangement from a poet named Lars Saabye Christensen where he writes about a hedgehog sun:

“and then it went / where it had to go / down to the sky / where a hedgehog sun always shines”

And what is this? A light that curls up if you stare into it?

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