A Paragraph From The Night by Michèle Bernstein


“In the water, Carole will raise a hand to signal that Gilles should join her: a signal that merges with the action of swimming and which, in any case, will not be understood, because Gilles will not have seen it and will be stretched out at Geneviève’s side – near to the heavily tanned Geneviève, at any rate – on the sand; from a distance, she’ll seem even more brown to Carole because of her high-cut black swimming costume, which Carole will consider very sophisticated all of a sudden, and will admire; it will cause her to regret her own basic blue cotton bikini. All alone, Carole will swim towards the shore, no longer conscious of the cool water surrounding her, but of the increasingly sharp image of the couple that she will swim towards (as opposed to swimming towards the shore).”

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fake_Plastic_Trees


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