Ulysses, Lonn, Debord

I’ve started rereading James Joyce. Ulysses’s first chapter was more readable now than in 2007, when I first read it, at age 17. I find the beauty that an open attitude reveals to you when taking time, accepting that you can’t google every little thing you don’t understand. The spectacle’s “eternity of noisy insignificance” as Debord puts it in “Comments…” (1988) shouldn’t disturb a mind in search of poetry, God, philosophy, beauty in an ocean’s green jelly (“Ulysses” chapter 1). Then I maybe can find what the publisher of one of Oystein Lonn’s novels describes with these words: “Lonn impresses again with his deeply original art of novel writing. “According to Sophia” has been bought by the acclaimed french publishing company Gallimard”. That was also Debord’s publisher late in his life. Michele Bernstein said in an interview: “After the divorce he sent me only to letters. The first said “Thank you” for my help with some archive papers, the other one was before he went to Gallimard, he asked for my advice for a new publisher. I thought it was a joke.”


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