Svein Tindberg, Børre Knudsen, Brand & Abortion

Actor Svein Tindberg is playing Brand on norwegian theaters at the moment. He claims that Ibsen’s character Brand is “more than a priest who’s playing with toys and ketchup ourside abortion clinics,” refering to norwegian fundamentalist Borre Knudsen. As a matter of fact I think Brand is not more, but less than Knudsen, the latter did not have Brand’s distance to his own soul. Like George Lukacs wrote “The essential inner stylelessness of modern drama, and of Ibsen in particular, derives from the fact that his major figures have to be tested, that they sense within themselves the distance between themselves and their soul, and, in their desperate desire to pass the tests with which events confront them, try to bridge that distance. The heroes of modern drama experience the preconditions of drama; the drama itself unfolds in the process of stylisation which the dramatist should have completed, as a phenomenological precondition of his work, before beginning to write it.” (The Theory of the Novel, 1915)


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