Confusions With Barnabas In Kafkas The Castle


Barnabas (an early Christian)

Barabbas, or

Jesus Barabbas (prisoner) and

Jesus Christ and

Peter (Jesus’ disciple)

Paul (the Apostle)

Paul (characther in Haneke’s Funny Games)

Peter (characther in Haneke’s Funny Games)

Barnabas (character in Kafka’s The Castle)

K. sees Barnabas as a Hermes figure sent from the gods of the Castle, a figure who shines in his immanence. His name also alludes to the biblical apostle Barnabas, a messenger of Christ, who traveled with St. Paul to spread the word, imbued with that word of God. K. wants to believe in Barnabas immanence because then Barnabas is not only a connection to the Castle but its explainer, its messenger imbued with the truth. But Barnabas presented himself to the Castle as a messenger in hope of mitigating Amalia’s crime of insulting the messenger who had brought Sortini’s lewd letter. Because their motives are unpredictable they become frightening. In Funny Games, Paul tells the terrified family that Peter had a terrible childhood, and then laughs and says in fact “he’s a spoiled little shit.”

Source: Kafka Translated: How Translators have Shaped our Reading of Kafka By Michelle Woods


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