Derek Jarman, Blue (1993)

Derek Jarman, Blue (1993)

Wittgenstein-Ludwig-Josef-Color-Quote-05A-W“In Why is the No Video Signal Blue? Or, Color is No Longer Separable From Form, and the Collective Joins the Brightness Confound (2011) Andrew Norman Wilson deconstructs the linguistic and symbolic convention that usually communicates the signal’s absence on any screen or projector. In a Derridian manner he shows that this blue’s metaphysical meaning is generated by an invisible game from which the individual is excluded. The blue’s detracted ontological presence leads to a never-ending displacement of its meaning’s grounds, giving rise to a feeling of precariousness that Wilson relates to our dematerialized environment.” -Bianca Stoppani, KaleidoscopeSkjermbilde 2015-06-05 kl. 01.28.13


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