Recon Club – How To Do Things With Words

Inspired by Beck Hansen’s project Record Club which purpose was to cover an entire album by another artist in one day, using an informal and fluid collective of musicians, I will this autumn blog as much as I can in one day about a philosophical text connected to the book Limited Inc by Jacques Derrida. Due to the construction of Derrida’s book with the critical opening essay on J. L. Austin, I will begin with reading the text How to do things with words: the William James lectures delivered at Harvard University in 1955 by J. L. Austin, posthumously published in 1962. This post will be published sometime during this month.

Meanwhile you can watch this poetry reading and take notice at 20:25, were poet Charles Bernstein reads «Language, Truth And Logic», a poem inspired by philosophical concepts including J. L. Austin’s distinction between to do something “by accident” and “by mistake”.

The word «recon» is, chiefly US, military slang for «reconnaissance», the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and enemy presence. I needed a word that resembled Beck’s «Record Club». Furthermore it fits the heated debate between Jacques Derrida and John Searle that the book Limited Inc is swept in.

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