Convolute E: Sparkling Colors, The Truth in Painting

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Still from The Society of the Spectacle (directed by Guy Debord, 1973)

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Quote from Derrida, The Truth in Painting:

In the Analytic of the Beautiful,  the note is appended to the

definition of the beautiful concluded from the third moment: the

judgment of taste examined as to the relation of finality. According

to the framework of categories imported from the Critique of Pure

Reason,  the Analytic  was constructed and bordered by the four categories:

quality and quantity (mathematical categories), relation and

modality (dynamic categories) . The problem of the parergon,  the

general and abyssal question of the frame, had arisen in the course

of the exposition of the category of relation (to finality) . The example

of the tulip is placed right at the very end of this exposition:

the last word of the last footnote, itself appended to the last word

of the main text.